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November 05, 2010


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I'm delighted to see the Reaper has returned. Is there a chance that this will be permanent?


You're back! I thought that you'd lost your pass to the surface and were going to be stuck in the underworld forever.

Jerome Tarshis

Although I can understand that recording all of these magazine deaths just might have taken on a repetitive quality, I have long admired the Reaper's resources of both information and wit, and hope he comes out of retirement.

David Traver Adolphus

Well A; how can you have 1.3 million circ, print about 45 pages on newsprint and not make a profit? How? One of our titles breaks even on 60,000 circ, and we do 96 glossy pages, about 80% edit.

And B; as long as you're here, care to comment on the demise of 0-60 magazine?


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