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November 17, 2009


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Pj Perez

Not surprisingly, I was on a radio show once with Samir on which he praised the magazine I edited at the time. Said magazine died six months later.

Paul Riddell

Damn. This is like getting a rave movie review from Harry Knowles. (You don't have to be psychic to tell that most of these titles are going to be gone in six months. You just have to figure that his enthusiasm overwhelms his analytical abilities, such as they are.)


Thank you, THANK YOU for talking pot shots at Mr. Magazine. That guy is a bigger tool then The Rabbit (http://tinyurl.com/69pzoo). Who, oh who, declared this man an expert on this subject? Oh, I know: himself.

Paul Riddell

Oh, and considering his comments about Ranger Rick's Just For Fun? I just point out that Nick Magazine, the last of the grocery store stand kid's magazines, just put its last issue out. The folks at Nick did one hell of a job, and it's obvious that they really gave a damn about their magazine. The letter from the editor on the inside front cover is actually heart-wrenching, and I honestly hope that everybody involved gets good jobs at stable venues as quickly as possible.

Now back to the cynicism, I'm waiting for SyFy's house magazine to be the next casualty. Listen to Bill Hicks's notorious routine about watching "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno", and replace Leno with "Mansquito"-shilling SyFy VP Craig Engler. "With his brains spewing out forming the shape of the NBC peacock, because he's a company man to the bitter fucking end."

Benn Ray

To Blurt's defense, at least it doesn't have that creepy Christian angle that Paste has. At least, not that I've noticed.

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