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November 04, 2009


Paul Riddell

Unfortunately, Reader's Digest is learning what multitudes of Christian bookstore owners learned to their detriment over the decades. The overly religious (and I'm including science fiction fans, who can be some of the most humorless and broken fanatics of all) make lots and lots of noise about how there just aren't enough movies, television shows, magazines, newspapers, and other entertainment suitable for their sensitivities. Then, when it's actually offered, the producers discover that their base is so cheap that it collectively uses both sides of the toilet paper. Rick Warren may have a great television viewer base, and he might even be able to convince his followers to go to the Web site, but buying subscriptions to his magazine AND contributing their regular tithes to him at the same time?


I guess you could say, Reader's Digest Association purposely drove this title into the ground.

tangerine dream

God has no patience with faulty business practices. That's when He turns the matter over to Reaper.

tangerine dream

Response to Mr. Riddell- comic book fans, too.

Paul Riddell

Tangerine Dream, I could continue with LOTS of examples. For instance, a friend regularly keeps up with and laughs about the number of goth and pagan businesses that open up in Salem, Massachusetts, and shut down three to six months later when the money reserves run out.

Turd Polisher

Wasn't aware that Evangelicals were literate.

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