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October 05, 2009


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Paul Riddell

Man, there are going to be a lot of coke dealers in Manhattan today who'll no longer be able to send their grandkids to Harvard.


When I married a couple of years ago, I bought an issue of "Brides" and possibly "Modern Bride." Bridal magazines are useless. They go on and on about dresses, centerpieces, and other junk you can buy, while ignoring important stuff like etiquette and marriage law.

Okay, maybe they touch on etiquette a little, but Miss Manners' "On Weddings" -- a used copy on Amazon is cheaper than a magazine -- does it in detail. Or if you're really cheap, peruse http://etiquettehell.com/ . While "Brides" makes you feel like a cheapskate for not buying $100 centerpieces, Etiquette Hell just provides a good laugh for nervous brides-to-be.

Paul Riddell

Skyblacker, one of my best friends used to work for "Dallas Bride", and she related that this was one of the most brain-damaging positions she'd ever had. Never mind that the articles are all written to hype up advertisers and that they pretty much repeated every year, as previous readers would quit and new ones would come aboard. The best part of quitting, she said, was never, ever needing to type "your special day" ever again.

Jon Mmc

Just want to remind you of what you wrote on your July 24th post:

"If you were a McKinsey consultant, which Conde Nast magazine would you fold?
NOTE: I purposefully left off Vogue, GQ and Cookie since the odds of them folding compared to the others is much slimmer."

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