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August 11, 2009


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Paul Riddell

I'm honestly not surprised by this, as I was a subscriber back at the beginning. The magazine itself was fairly interesting, if bland (it came off as a halfassed clone of Wired and OMNI): it just made the mistake of coming out right about the time Scientific American started revamping its editorial stance, and SA was a much better magazine when it came to serious science.

The reason why I let my subscription lapse, though, had less to do with the actual issues and a lot more to do with the incessant direct mail and E-mail nagging about renewing my subscription, starting about a week before I got my first issue. If they'd spent more money on retaining readers through paying for better articles instead of driving them away by flooding their mailboxes with "YOUR LAST ISSUE" notices, I might have stuck with it.

Mr. Orange

This is at least the second time Seed has done this. The level of twatularity evidenced by the 'leadership' at Seed is epic even by sociopathic media boss standards. Believe me - I used to work there.

Paul Riddell

Please, Mr. Orange, tell us more.

Pete Thompson

The guy that runs the mag is a real piece off work. I hear they owe money all over town.


You mean Adam Bly? He was voted the biggest Douche Bag by Gawker in 2007.

Lisa Vagay

It's a shame I liked that magazine.

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