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August 03, 2009


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Paul Riddell

Money spent on cool office, receptionist, and fancy business cards: tens to hundreds of thousands.

Money spent on actual promotion to encourage newsstand sales and subscriptions, and not the usual "promotion" intended to let the columnists' parents think that they didn't throw four years of journalism or English degree money down a rathole: bupkis.

Number of staffers' parents, sorority sisters, and ex-boyfriends who received free copies in a passive-aggressive attempt to claim "See! I told you I wasn't going to be a failure!": legion.

Number of individuals who actually bought a copy to read who wasn't a friend or relation of someone on staff: the square root of zero.

Number of former staffers who will be seen behind the coffee shop counter at the local Borders in three months, screaming about how "they just didn't get it" when even Star Wars Insider wouldn't hire them on a bet: oh, that's just too easy.


I have never even heard of this magazine and I'm a media planner/buyer!!!

Paul Riddell

And there you have it, Angel. How much do you want to bet that this whole magazine was nothing but workfare for some university's journalism or marketing graduates?

Fergie deLance

"Number of former staffers who will be seen behind the coffee shop counter at the local Borders in three months"
Number of former former staffers who will be looking for work as a cashier at Target when Borders goes under in six months...

Jerry Van Desic

Come on, with a name like that you would think this was a high end porn magazine. Maybe it still could be ...

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