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July 14, 2009


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Tom Hartle President SPIN Magazine

slow day? you guys are unbelievable. how many times over the past 10 years has spin been posted on this damn thing. 10? So, if you are going to post, for the 11th time, can you please change out the U2 cover for the current Prince cover. its on newsstands now. that would be great. thanks. tom


Cheers to you, Tom Hartle!! Love it.

Malcolm Campbell

Dear Mr. Reaper,

I'm willing to make you a bet that SPIN magazine is alive and kicking this time next year. If I'm wrong, I have to give you the exclusive story before any announcement is made. If I'm right, you have to make a public apology on stage at one of our 25th Anniversary events next year.

Hey, do you think I can hold your scythe when we meet next year?


Grim Reaper

Dear Tom & Malcolm,

The Reaper only discovered blogging a little over two years ago, so perhaps it seems like you've been hounded for 10 years. Down here, it's been an eternity.

I am happy to hear your confidence in being around another year and clearing up the "one piece of hearsay." That's what comment sections are for.

You can not hold my scythe because that is what I use to play air guitar.

Now go sell some ads, please, so rumors don't get started, okay?

I would die 4 U,


Anonymous Reader

I still have my 15th anniversary tee - and so thriled that 25 years is around the corner. Keep kicking SPIN!


magazinedeathpool.com is more likely to go out of business than SPIN is. Where do you get these rumors? This blog is so cheesy, anybody can make stuff up. Awfullibrarybooks.wordpress.com/ is way cooler.


Rumors might not be true or useful but notification that a title has closed down is great for librarians! Thanks to the Reaper for telling us since Ebsco sure doesn't...


overit -

Do some research. The Reaper has been dead on (no pun intended)so many times, I can't count them all. Spin will be gone before 2010. I personally like the mag. But then, my favorite mag was Best Life. The Reaper took it regardless.

I receive Spin free of charge through one the offers I found on slickdeals.net. Bottom line: If you're giving your mag away for free, death awaits you.

I would never bet against The Reaper.

Now go back to your cool friends at coollibrary.suckpress.com

Tom Hartle President SPIN Magazine

Mr. Grim. thanks for the note. we appreciate it. tom

Bob Wakeman

Wow. The president and publisher of SPIN have nothing better to do than respond to this post? What a coupla idiots. They prove the post's point.

If SPIN is going to survive, it clearly needs new management.

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