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July 21, 2009


Paul Riddell

Like this is a surprise. Those "official" magazines of hit television shows worked a decade ago, and then only with shows with a creepily obsessive audience. You may note that the official Buffy and Angel magazines are still cranking along, five years after both shows ended. The Cat Piss Men lusting after Sara Michelle Gellar and the Frumpy Fiftysomethings who live vicariously through these shows aren't about ready to let go. CSI, though? Why not an official magazine dedicated to The Hills or Family Guy?


How does crap like this even get published?

Paul Riddell

Jermo, it's all studio payola. It's like all of those "Official Movie Magazines" that Starlog crapped out over the last thirty years. (When the warehouse holding all of Starlog Press's overstock "accidentally" burned down last year, my first thought was "Finally they're free of the thousands of back copies of the movie magazines for Annie and High Road To China. Starlog Press had those marked down to $2 since about 1985, and they still couldn't give them away with free beer.)

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