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June 12, 2009



May Giant & Vibe die on the same day. Even for free, these mags are not worth the time.

Tracy Jones

GIANT is a great publication and they are still alive. Not sure why you keep writing about the book, but it's still around and doesn't appear dead at all. Why not report on something certain or would you rather just stir up rumors to be hater?

Paul Riddell

I think we stirred up an unpaid intern who's hoping to get hired at the end of the summer...


It's too bad that we cannot post to the opening page as it appears that Magazine Death Pool has joined the media list of the dearly departed. The irony abounds.

Magazine Death Fairy

Vibe has just died. like a fellow wild animal in captivity, URB is reporting the news: http://www.urb.com/permalink/6385/Vibe-Magazine-Folds.html


Sparewords -

Unlike MJ, The Reaper Lives.

Jocko Johnson

Giant i a great magazine

There are a lot of interesting information

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