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May 05, 2009


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Paul Riddell

Truth be told, this will probably work out well for most of these trades. Most of your subscribers would prefer to get their information online anyway, the cessation of a print issue means significant savings for the publisher, and secretaries and production assistants no longer have to dump the unread issues in the trash after they've been rotting on a lobby coffee table for the last six months. Everyone wins...except for the printers.

don't fear the reaper

Also, this kind of news is best delivered up-to-the minute online, rather than a little stale by the time it arrives in the mail.

Paul Riddell

I absolutely agree. Twenty years ago, that didn't make much of a difference, and fax news was just too expensive. Now, though, you can combine audio and video as well, and get away with charging for it if the news is that important.

In general, I think we're going to see the implosion of all of the big entertainment magazines. Two decades ago, you were dependent upon these to know what was coming out and to get details on it before its premiere. Books, comics, television shows, movies, plays: these magazines were the bottleneck keeping the information reaching the public to a trickle. Now, though, it's like waiting for a message in a bottle. We're going to see an awful lot of upset Cat Piss Men at Entertainment Weekly who are going to be bitter beyond words when they're told their incessant Star Trek and Heroes coverage is no longer needed.


Everyone wins except for the printers, and everyone else who makes a living at these places. Do you realize that Web ads sell for pennies and print ads for real dollars? Much better to get everything for free, and let the art directors, production people, editors and ad sellers eat back issues I suppose. And let the public read unedited rumors posted hastily, rather than vetted journalism.

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