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March 10, 2009


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So was it the travel or the leisure that did it in?



Actually, this death was years in the making. You take a magazine with a good premise and bless it with an editor who could well be one of the strangest human beings to walk the face of the earth (aside from knowing NOTHING about the game), and couple it with a publisher who, efffectively, did precious little over his tenure to help the mag, and you have a classic recipe for a Magazine Death Pool candidate. They'll probably 'repurpose' these bozos somewhere in the organization....

This thing was in the black once, but AMEX Publishing's Pres (aka: Teflon) saw fit to end that streak of good performance. If you don't play nice in his sandbox, you need to leave the park...

They got what they deserved. RIP.


I second everything WCR stated about the reasons for T&L Golf's demise. This wayward ship was captained by a strangeling and the pages reflected the same scratch-your-head quality as his personality. Shame on AMEX publishing for not making the changes necessary to let the magazine live.

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