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March 26, 2009


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Sad to see the death of what was once a very hot book. But the cover says it all. How excited can anyone really get about most of today's big-name music acts? Kelly Clarkson and U2 make Journey and Foreigner look like scruffy indie bands.


Didn't know what it wanted to be when grown up. Pop magazine? Girly bikini magazine? Young hip lifestyle guide? Tried to be all of above. Succeeded in none. Except Invitation to Reaper.


Poor metaphor, Reaper.

Vinyl isn't dying off. Though it occupies a miniscule portion of music retail, its sales have increased the last four or five years. It's more likely to survive than most magazines. After all, it's not an ad-based entity :)


Vinyl Rules!

I'll miss it. I had a free subscription until 2017. Now if only Rolling Stone would die.

Grim Reaper

I said "most vinyl," not all vinyl. I know my metaphors!


I'm glad. I was waiting for my free sub to end. It was semi-amusing at first, but Kelly Clarkson? Who cares?


Good riddance.


First of all vinyl? are you kidding? The only thing good about vinyl is the bands that were on it. Cd's are better. It's the music that sucks now. Rolling stone is on its way.

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