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February 04, 2009


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Heh, you gotta figure they're having problems when they start putting featuring bands like Deftones and Disturbed. Not that there's anything wrong with them (I happen to like the Deftones immensely), but they're NOT metal. Generally, most American metal (that could actually be classified as "metal") is unlistenable garbage, so I'd imagine these mags' European counterparts are doing better.


The fewer Satan worshippers glorified, the better. Reaper stalks the coven.


Damn, I just renewed to Metal Edge. I wasn't gonna, but I send
the free cd's to Iraq. Crud-ola!


I will viciously rape your mothers.

Chris Bridges

The bad thing is I am out the money for the remainder of my subscription for Metal Maniacs.

Rob Field

I was ripped off too. Someone should go after these guys. They're nothing but "Madoff" types in magazine disguises. They owe me the equivalent of 7 months of Metal Edge!

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