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January 20, 2009


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Wow. I didn't even realize Teen Magazine was still around. What's next!?


Horrors. What about Tiger Beat? Right On? The venerable empress Seventeen? The rival Teen Vogue? Texting is abuzz with rumors. Well, maybe not.


Good riddance! That was one of the most offensive white-trash magazines around.


Back when they were 'Teen, they always had the suckiest clothes and advice of all the teen magazines. This was even more evident after SASSY made the stands. 'Teen was totally Kmart--ugh. I agree with tangerinedream: good riddance.


I used to read this one when it was a Petersen publication. Not so much pop stars, but important stuff like, "should you kiss on the first date?"


I subscribed to this magazine back in the late '90s. It actually suspended publication then and turned our subscriptions over to Seventeen. I'm surprised to hear that it rebounded. Well, it's gone now, so I guess it didn't really rebound.

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