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November 04, 2008


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Grim -

Ain't no doubt about it, you were dead on.

I find myself checking your website daily now. Don't want to miss who gets whacked next.

Keep up the good work.


I miss the days when I used to buy eight to 10 magazines a week. Then I graduated J-school and can't afford even one subscription.


Why even bother with the website? Netheads like me go to Drudge, Fox, lucianne, places that have grown up in the age of the net. USN&WR is so 1981- no matter what the format. Fold it and try to improve the Daily News, Mort.


Right on, Ashley. Just because USN&WR could work as a website doesn't mean that it should. Isn't the online news category already crowded enough? What's so unique about USN&WR that would make anyone visit their site? There are plenty of other mature news outlets on the web. I say either fold the entire USN&WR brand and move on - or find some underserved niche for it to fill.


There are plenty of rankings projects (Best Colleges, Best Graduate Schools, Hospitals, etc.) that justify a need for USN to stick around and continue to publish on the web.

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