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November 19, 2008



Auf Weidersehn PC Magazine. I used to work for Ziff Davis (before the advent of the internet).

Grimmy...you're hysterical and I love your writing style. Keep being funny and keep begin sarcastic.

Eduardo Lerner

This is a quite eventful November. Do yo get paid overtime? Also, have you been traveling overseas and not telling us anything about it? I say this because in Europe there is blood everywhere.


You forgot to mention that they are still going to be producing PC Magazine Digital, a digital version of the print magazine. So it will live in a magazine format, just in pixels, not paper.


what's the point of having a digital magazine format when there's no actual print magazine? Why make the editors and designers go through all that trouble? PC Mag already has a web site and an email newletter anyway. I assume it's just until all the paid subs run out then the digimag goes away too.

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