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October 30, 2008


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A. Lipton

With all the cash problems AMI is having why aren't their titles on this list? I'd put the whole company on the block if the bond holders don't get paid soon.

don't fear the reaper

you'll never take us alive, reaper! our ad pages may be down, but our circ is strong and pure.

Blake's Baby

You know what I never understood about American Men's Vogue?

The editorial was consistently displayed a forthrightly liberal, left-wing perspective, and then the fashion was always very cautiously conservative and boring. It was confusing to me because I think that this would attract two wholly separate audiences of men.

I would have preferred to see them just go conservative all-the-way in their political aspersions. It would have been more interesting and unique, and at least much more focused.

Or if they stayed with their current editorial, they should have pumped up the creative to something more visually exciting.

The way the magazine is presented now is very milque-toast and blandular. It makes me immediately want to stop reading.

The design was very clunky and just not aesthetically pleasing. Some could say the same for American Vogue.

Magazines Agogo

Giant is my bet. What a waste of trees.

Yachts is a waste too.

Check out www.deadmalls.com for other fun, dead stuff.

Optimistic  Print Nerd

Life & Style... hate to say it, but just dont see that one sticking around- also not giving Coastal Living or US News & Report much longer, sigh...

Grampa Funk

what about bonnier pubs such as saveur...that has to be on life support, no?

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