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August 01, 2008


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Playgirl, which has been around since the 70s, has always been something of a closet case magazine, with a large unacknowledged gay readership. I know—I worked there. One of the great aspects to Playgirl magazine is that it help the careers to three of the most famous photographers in the world: Herb Ritts, Greg Gorman and Matthew Rolston. It should be added that they did not use their real names. Instead non de plums were used such as Tristan Tzara. It was a time when everyone wanted to be in Playgirl and it was essentially the only mass marketed magazine featuring cock at the time. As the times changed and gay porn began to be published in such legendary publications as In Touch, the readership continually dwindled. But it is important to remember that Playgirl likely sent many a closeted man on his way to self-realization.

Megan Hussey

I'm Megan Hussey, leader of Playgirl's Playgirl Posse fan club. We're a group made up mostly of women (about 90 percent) that has a page at the Playgirl website. We continue to support Playgirl and look forward to seeing more of the magazine's electronic editions.

The Posse consists of everyone from career women to college students, housewives to writers and artists, all of whom are pleased and honored to say, "I've got to pick up the new issue of Playgirl!"

Thank you,

Megan Hussey

brenda mallette

could you please tell me if ricky martin or john cusack or kevin spacey ever posed for play girl if they did . can i please order a copy???? [email protected] brenda mallette 45 fiddler drive , new oxford ,pa.17350

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