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April 21, 2008

The Reaper presents "The Biggest Losers -- The Magazine Edition"

ToiletWith apologies to NBC-TV, the Reaper has its own version of "The Biggest Loser," except it's played with advertising pages.

The Reaper notes the 10 biggest percentage losers of magazine ad pages through the year to date, courtesy of the Magazine Monitor at Mediaweek.

Through April 21, 2008, here are the Biggest Losers:

  • American Photo: -100.08% (very impressive, Hachette)
  • Scientific American: -34.78%
  • Home: 33%
  • US News & World Report: -32.93%
  • Nickelodeon Magazine: -32.44%
  • Rolling Stone: -30.87%
  • New Republic: -28.39%
  • Blender: -28.04%
  • The Sporting News: -27.37
  • Fortune: -24.69%

UPDATE: A comment to this post indicates Mediaweek made a serious error calculating American Photo's ad pages. We will correct this post as soon as the right numbers are in.


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I saw in January where a company lost their special rates on US News & World Report and Fortune.


Either the publishers are trying desperately to lift the profit margins or they already know they are going to give them the axe.

I’ll let the Reaper decide their destiny – may your scythe shine for eons dear Reaper!

From: will levith [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 11:25 AM
To: Simmons, Jill
Cc: Moses, Lucia
Subject: Re: Magazine Monitor correction
I actually talked to my editors, and because the error did not occur in print, I can’t run a correction in the magazine. However, I’ll run the correction in the footnote section in Monday’s online chart. So no At Deads, but yes, online.

On 4/23/08 10:36 AM, "Simmons, Jill" wrote:
Will – In looking over your Magazine Monitor report from Mediaweek this week, there seems to be some incorrect information in regards to American Photo’s numbers (page 2 of the report).
Last year numbers were: Jan/Feb 88.5, Mar/Apr 38 for a total of 126.5.
This year’s numbers are: Jan/Feb 92.17, Mar/Apr 34.33 for a total of 126.5. You have our YTD pages for 2008 as 92.17.
It looks like you didn't factor in the Mar/Apr numbers into the YTD total for 08.

We’d like a correction to be made. Thank you.


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