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April 28, 2008

The Biggest Losers... updated with correction

Dualflush_toiletFirst let's get to the corrections. Last week, it seemed that American Photo had a 100% drop in ads to date, but that was an error on Mediaweek's calculations, off by just 97%. They're only down a mere 3%, so you're off the Biggest Loser list!

Updated with this week's information from Mediaweek, here's how the list now shapes up on percentage down ad pages as of today....

  1. Scientific American -34.78%
  2. Home -33.08%
  3. Nickelodeon -32.44%
  4. Rolling Stone -30.87%
  5. US News & World Report -30.47%
  6. Newsweek -30.25%
  7. Time -29.34%
  8. The New Republic -28.39
  9. Sporting News -28.31%
  10. Blender -28.04%


Fortune -24.69%
Fitness -24.08%
Cycle World -23.67%


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