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November 13, 2007


Desiree Blanc

Just got my hands on the "advance" copy of Hollywood Life's Sep/Oct 2007 issue, which follows their "summer 2007" issue. Consistency? Ah, who cares? Mind you, most magazine have their December issues out since it is mid November, but better late than never? Not in this case. HL keeps limping, bleeding and leaving a trail of useless info about chick junk and baubles, to the grave. Ads in the mag plug "upcoming events" for Hollywood Life...that happened a month or two ago. If they have any advertisers who actually paid for an ad, they must be thrilled at the rag's timeliness. I'd laugh if it weren't so pathetic.

Anxiously Waiting

Having perused the Sept./Oct. issue (not so hot on the heels of the SUMMER issue -??) I am as always stunned by the fact Hollywood Life is not in the grave. It's ugly, pointless, and written by 12-year-olds...oh wait, that's their staff. Please, someone put this rag out of its misery.

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