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March 05, 2007


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Desiree Blanc

While it’s true that Premiere has outlived its usefulness and became the victim of our bloggy times, did it really deserve to succumb to the Reaper before the atrocity that is Movieline’s Hollywood Life? I mean, at least Premiere was about, you know, movies. Hollywood Life purports to be a movie magazine, or at least it did when it was Movieline, and now just covers frocks, handbags, makeup and useless bits of junk spotted on celebutards. With a circulation hovering around what I’m sure is in the lower teens, I’m beginning to think Hollywood Life’s publisher must have a pact with the devil…or BE the devil.


Here's hoping MHL, that cesspool of bad journalism and even worse fashion sense, follows sad old Premiere into the annals of publications that have come and gone to magazine hell. MHL's slave-driving editor/publisher steals from babies and eats kittens for dinner while hawking Lindsay Lohan's favorite lipgloss and ugly gold junk your grandmother wouldn't wear.


Hollywood Life = useless crap rag only a PR hack could love -- DIE ALREADY BITCHEZZZZ

Tippy McTipperson

There is ONE reason that "Hollywood Life" survives. Horny oil barons will always want an "in" to frotteurize starletts at parties thrown by the publisher!

Stewart  M. Clamen

When did PREMIERE launch? I think I've been a subscriber for close to 20 years.


It's behind all that AND MORE

Corey Mesler

They are sending us US for the final 8 months left on our subscription. Who would think for one minute that that unreadable rag, a magazine of almost no words, would be a substitute for Premiere? Do we have any recourse? No one asked me what I wanted instead---like a refund.

Corey Mesler

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