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May 01, 2006


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Great site, but I was looking for a post indexed by Google and alas, no site search.

I've been beating the drum for the death of the phone books for some time now and magazines certainly have to follow. There's little reliable feedback on how companys get an ROI from a mag ad. Aside from branding, I don't see a future for many common magazines at all... especially with portable multimedia devices coming on like a steamroller over the Pink Panther.

Keep up the good work- I'd give you a nickel for your hosting but since you don't have a can on the page you earned a shout out on my blog;)

Casey in Texas

Linda Lee

Hollywood Life is complete garbage. A cheap, boring, middling look at lipstick cases and handbags. What former fun to be found in Movieline of old is now long dead...and it is without a doubt a vanity project, kept alive by a truly demented personality.

Desiree Blanc

Linda hit the nail on the head. Movieline used to be be ferociously irreverent, but it has now been declawed and given a fluffy, meaningless name. It seems to be targeting that ever-critical over-50 rich-white-hag demo, which is why the circ is hovering around 5,000. Do I need to know what body lotion Gwyneth Paltrow is slathering on before she slips into her Vera Wang gown for the Oscars? Not so much! How about making a movie magazine about, I dunno, MOVIES. I loathe it.

Anne Vilekock

Dahling, it is a wonderful magazine. When you need to find the best smelling douche around, they have it, dahling!


I think ANYONE with their name in the masthead of this toilet paper subsitute should feel DEEP SHAME. If I was ever about to hire an editor, I'd sure look here first.


Sandii Peters

The Trader Joe's fearless flyer is a more compelling read than this crap rag. Who ever thought to take a once edgy, fun, funny entertainment magazine to its knees and make it a glossy tampon ad for style lacking gals in Kansas City?

Filbert Peabody

The only time I have ever seen this magazine is when I was at my friend's a few weeks ago. I noticed what appeared to be celebrity photos and fashion bric-a-brac lining the bottom of his birdcage. I asked why he was wasting a nice magazine that way. He said "Don't worry...it's just Hollywood Life".

Didi Jones

C'mon you guys! I mean, I considered canceling my subscription too, until thank god it had an article on Jennifer Love Hewitt's new perfume and I realized *this* Indianapolis gal has got it goin' on after all. Thanks, HL!

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